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The sex lab

$38.00/ cohort

This 6-month long program is specifically designed for sexplorers, we’ve developed a six-month curriculum for sex lessons and specifically practical ways to put this knowledge to use.

Sex-positive parent hub (SPPH)


Starting the sex talk is uncomfortable and sometimes difficult, we’ve got you. Resident sexperts have developed a 90 days plan with daily activities to give appropriate sex talk with your children or wards. 

After Dark Erotica Club

$25/12 months

Erotica is fun to read, but also a great means to learn about sex. We got tired of reading unrealistic sex stories and now we created something relatable and appropriate.

Workplace sex analysis

*Please request a quotation*

Sex is seen as too dangerous to be spoken about in workplaces, but we have constantly heard of workplace sexual harassment, unfair discrimination among people with sexual health issues, non-inclusive workplace policies.

It’s about time organizations review how sexuality is seen at workplaces, the sexpert team at RevaginateNG can help your organization with that.

Honeymoon Sex Coaching Session


What does sexual compatibility mean to you?
Let’s guess what you said, the frequency at which you have sex with your partner?
Having the same sex drive as your partner?
Sexual compatibility is so much more than frequency, or the same level of sexual desire.
We created the honeymoon package to give you an in-depth knowledge of what sexual compatibility is, aligning mismatched sexual desire, developing your sexual communication skills, resolving sexual conflicts and regaining your sex life after a major life change.


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