You are probably thinking WHY SEX?

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You are probably thinking why sex?
“Women have lower sex drive than men”
“Cheating is as a result of indiscipline”
“Penis enlargement oil is effective”
“Sex is Penis in the vagina”
All of these and a lot of other reasons is why we built a company about sex. 
Sex isn’t an act that starts and ends in the bedroom it’s an extension of our core existence and you’ve neglected it for so long.
Let’s help you unlearn and relearn about sex.

Our Services

After Dark Erotica Club

$ 25 / 12 months
  • Erotic books monthly
  • Sex-positive community
  • Monthly meet-up

The sex lab

$ 38 / cohort
  • Self-paced learning
  • Sex advising from resident sexperts
  • Sex-positive community


$ 50 / session
  • Learning platform
  • Practical activities
  • Counseling from resident sex educators.

Honeymoon/Buddymoon Coaching

$ 100 / session
  • Private session for all individuals in the relationship.
  • 20 days Access to follow-up sessions from the resident sexologist.

Workplace sex analysis

* Please request a quotation*
  • It’s about time organizations review how sexuality is seen at workplaces, the sexpert team at RevaginateNG can help your organization with that.

Meet The Team

Sanasi Amos

Sanasi Amos

Resident Sex Educator

Favorite sex quote:

Sex is not intercourse, unless of course you want it.

Dr. Tolu Adebiyi

Dr. Tolu Adebiyi

Medical Advisor

Favorite sex quote: “Here for your daily pleasure”.

Esther Adetola Adeagbo

Esther Adetola Adeagbo

Administrative Officer

Favorite sex quote: “Cuddling is a necessity”.

Nene Catherine Urua

Nene Catherine Urua

Business Development Officer

Favorite sex quote: “I promise to always be by your side under you or on top of you.”

Hyelhirra Samali

Hyelhirra Samali

Community Manager

Favorite sex quote: “sex is a beautiful, simple complication.”

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